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I would like to apologize for my poor artwork and spelling. I am not a traditional artiest so my drawing skills are poor. I try to do the best to get the point of the scene across with my style of art.

One thing you may notice is that all the pages say read this way "<<" this is the way that most manga or Japanese comics are read. I never really got into reading American comics, but I have been reading a lot of manga lately so that is the style I wanted to make for my comics.

So far I only have one comic that being Balance Of Power: A Battle of Good vs. Evil. I have plans for another comic but it will probably be a few years before I start that one. It takes me about 10 minutes to make one page of the comic and since I want each comic to have 30 pages that is 5 hours of work time. That on top of games that I am working leave very little free time.

There are two ways to read the comic. The first is through the viewer which allows you to read the comic from almost any web browser. The other way is downloading where you get all the pages of the comic in a zip format. Each page is labeled well so you can tell the order to read each page in.

Balance of Power: A battle of Good vs. Evil is supposed to be an action comic and not a comedy. You might find some things funny but that is not the main goal. The comic is supposed to be like Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z (Action packed) to bad they lack the art quality and editing that made those manga great. Since I have canceled my BOP: Zenta's Revenge game project I have decided to only take the comic through Tale 10 for now so too much of the story is not revealed before its time.

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